Individual Sessions

Individual sessions happen either in person, or by phone or video call.

We design a way of working together that addresses the very unique questions and explorations you find yourself
in the midst of, and any of the following can be combined, in order to best support your innermost callings.

For more information about Individual Sessions, please email Alicia here.

Meditation Counseling

How do we integrate the profound principles of our practice, from any religious or spiritual tradition, into the way we actually live our lives moment-by-moment?

In these sessions we explore our innermost yearnings and aspirations, and whatever keeps us from fulfilling these.

We learn to work with our current life challenges, and difficult emotions like grief, loss, disappointment, and anger, that we encounter in areas of our health, work, relationships, creative expression, and spiritual life, and to develop greater flexibility in times of change or transition.

When we identify our habitual patterns, negative beliefs, and reactive tendencies, we begin to see through them, and when we do this, the natural intelligence in the heart of our being begins to shine forth.
As we strengthen our relationship with this, we gain access to our deepest and most reliable source of inner guidance, our innate wisdom.

And from this, our compassionate responsiveness flows naturally, and we are able to open our hearts more fully to those around us, and approach the needs of our times with presence and effectiveness.

Meditation Instruction

How do we become fully present and aware in this very moment?

How do we awaken an exquisite curiosity towards the moment-by-moment unfolding of our actual life experience?

How do we come to know ourselves as embodied awakened awareness?

How do we create a contemplative practice that best suits our modern lives, in an increasingly tumultuous and demanding world?

There are many ways to practice, and together we explore how to start or establish a dedicated meditation practice, or deepen and reinvigorate an existing one, applying methods that keep our practice fresh and alive, insightful and transformative.

As we develop a personal practice of deep listening and inquiry, we gain access to our own deepest knowing, and this allows a more vibrant and wakeful way of relating to our lives, and the world around us.

Creativity Consulting

Whether we’re writing a book, creating a performance piece, working on a series of paintings, or exploring a language of movement or music, we want to listen deeply to the unique creative impulses that are moving within us, and explore ways to bring them into full and authentic expression.

Sometimes it’s helpful to work in artistic modalities that are unfamiliar to us, to break open our creative imagination, and free us from the habitual default modes and blocks we fall into.

There are many ways to support ourselves in allowing more creativity into our lives, or to bringing a specific artistic endeavor to completion.
If Life is a creative act, we can open to the vitality of this spontaneous approach in everything we do.

Vocal Work

In this embodied approach, we engage our whole body as the instrument for our vocal expression, and we use vocal improvisation methods to free our natural voices, and find our full strength and power and clarity of expression.

Whether we’re new to singing, or an experienced singer, or simply want to find our truest voice, we will come alive as energy soars through us in spontaneous ways, and we speak or make sound with all of who we are, overcoming fears, touching our passion and joy, and grounding ourselves in present moment awareness.

Exploring our voices in these ways greatly increases our range of expression, and allows us to communicate more honestly and effectively wherever we are.

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