Meditation and Creativity Retreat
with Alicia Allen
June 23 - 29, 2024
Ocamora Retreat Center
Ocate, New Mexico

In this 7-day Meditation and Creativity Retreat, we will explore how contemplative practice and the creative process are intimately related. We’ll enter the richness of silence for a nourishing time of meditation and inner reflection, and creative exploration and expression. We’ll nurture our bodies with plenty of rest, good healthy food, and time spent walking in the wild beauty of the natural environment, or sitting by a clear mountain stream.

When we enter retreat, and surrender our habitual ways of presenting ourselves in the world, and begin releasing layer after layer of our emotional reactions to the experiences that arise in our lives, we have the opportunity to drop into the vast openness and stillness within. This profound resting in the natural ease of being, restores us on every level. As we relax more and more deeply, we reawaken our fundamental curiosity and awareness, until we are free to meet ourselves directly, see things more clearly as they are, and respond in a most authentic and wise and caring way to everything that arises in our experience.

As we reconnect with our innate vitality and aliveness, we access our spontaneous freedom of expression, the exquisite brilliance, and exuberance of our essential nature. This is the wellspring of our unique creative energy. We will explore this boundless source of creativity in a variety of ways, both individually and as a group. No previous meditation or artistic experience is necessary. All levels of experience are welcome, each person engages their meditation practice and creative process at their own growing edge.

The cost of the retreat is $1250 to $1650, based on the choice of accommodations. This fee is all-inclusive and covers delicious meals, lodging, and tuition. A deposit of $500 reserves your space. The Ocamora Retreat Center is a beautiful mountain retreat center on 265 acres, in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, in Northeastern New Mexico, 2 hours northeast of Santa Fe. For more information, please view the Ocamora Retreat Center website

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Retreat Offerings

7-Day Residential Retreats

Silent immersion retreats in a beautiful mountain retreat center.
In these 7-day Meditation and Creativity Retreats, we explore how contemplative practice and the creative process are intimately related.
See full description above.

1-2 Day Non-Residential Retreats

1-2 day retreats that focus on special topics for quiet contemplation.
These daylong retreats take place in a beautiful Buddhist Temple, in silence, allowing us to deepen our practice, and explore ways of embodying natural awareness.

Personal Guided Retreats

Personal customized guided retreats of any length, either in person, or by phone or video call. This is a time to listen deeply to the parts of ourselves that need healing, or want to break open, to experience more fully, the infinite radiance of being that is our birthright.

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