What does it mean to live fully awake?

What if there’s an infinite radiance at the heart of who we are?

How do we offer wholeheartedly our own unique expression of this?

How do we heal in ourselves whatever keeps us small or held back?

How do we discover the inner brilliance that brightens our lives, and infuses everything we do with deep caring and genuine respect?

What is our most authentic, heartfelt and creative response to the needs of our times?

Both meditation and creativity practices invite us into full presence.
They ask us to release our habitual ways of being, and to step into the spontaneous realm of unlimited possibilities.
Here the unique ingredients of each moment inform the richness and potency of our experience and our expression.
Both are doorways into greater freedom, a call to meet the unfolding of our lives wholeheartedly and wakefully.

At the Center for Meditation and Creativity we explore all of this, separately and in combination, through individual sessions, classes, workshops, and retreats; using poetry, dance, music, painting, and a variety of direct awareness meditation practices.

Come explore with us!


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